Hey there, my name is Keegan Goerz! I am an Edmonton based photographer who loves the adventure inherent in telling stories through imagery.
Ever since someone put a Canon Rebel XS 1000D into my hands over a decade ago, I have been in love with capturing images. There is something just so powerful about being able to freeze epic moments of nature, or memorializing the largest memories we have, that makes me fall in love with this art form on a daily basis. 
The story behind when I knew this experience was going to be different for me, when compared to other new photographers, is unique. You see, I have Deuteranomaly, or red-green colourblindness!
Early on this manifested as weird colour combinations, over saturation, and odd dream like landscapes. But in that process I had to learn to take feedback on my work. It forced me to ask others to lend their functioning eyes to check for proper colour balancing. But let's be fair; folks are bad at giving only a little bit of feedback. In the process of sharing that I unwittingly made the subjects skin bright orange, they would always make time to also share what they like about a composition, or what makes for an enjoyable subject, or to recommend I try a different angle.
You see, I was never able to be complacent or shy. I had to put my work out there for people to see in order to even participate in the art form in the first place. And I had to adapt to meet the feedback being provided to me.
It was terrifying; and amazing.
My work ranges from events & family shoots, to wildlife, to some of the most picturesque vistas on the planet; and everything in between! It is my goal to always feel like an adventure is waiting just behind the door, which requires finding new and exciting adventures around my home city of Edmonton. So if you have heard of any, please drop me a line!
"Photography is the story I fail to put into words." - Destin Sparks